About us


Easy Maths Skills was born after its Founder, Grace, volunteered and was selected to
join with the Sir John Cass Foundation to go into schools and help children struggling with Maths.

It was apparent that many children:

  1. Hate Maths, don’t see the point in doing it, or find it a boring chore. They suffer from “Maths anxiety”.
  2. Don’t believe they can be good at it, usually because they’ve been inadvertently told that by a parent or a teacher.
  3. Do not have truly effective, creative, fun methods of doing Maths to reflect on.

Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence as a result, which can affect their life and future. Many parents are afraid of Maths themselves and don’t know how to help their children. The world is competitive and demanding and this generation will find it harder to do well and get good jobs and meanwhile, employers expect proficiency in certain skills and specifically, Maths.

Government statistics show that up to half the adults in the UK have numeracy levels no greater than that expected of an 11-year old. It’s costing the UK economy £20.2 billion a year.

The key is to catch them young. To solve these problems, Grace created a programme incorporating the notion of play learning; motivating children to do Maths with stress-free, creative, fun and stimulating methods.

EasyMathsSkills.com is a hub of resources, learning aids and stories aimed at assisting children with their Maths, supporting children in their learning and allowing parents to worry less. Maths is simply a skill, and any skill just needs practice to get good at it. We can help you even if you don’t like maths, have negative feelings about maths, and even if there is a mind block.

Our mission, our goal, our addiction, is to help children fall in love with Mathematics. We’re reducing Maths anxiety, one game at a time. We’re changing the world, one Maths-confident child at a time.

Let’s do it together!

Grace E Olubodi, Founder

Grace E Olugbodi, Founder