Are boys really better in maths compared to girls?

26th Oct 2015

Although we live in the 21st century, there are certain prejudices that still exist. Unfortunately, people are made to believe in these prejudices even when they are talking about themselves. A recent study has shown some shocking results when it comes to girls and maths. According to the survey more than 60% of girls aged 12 think that science and mathematics are just too difficult to learn.

These results are quite shocking given that mathematics is one of the most important classes in school today more than ever. The government is trying to do a lot to support the proper studying of maths and to prepare children for the future where maths will play even more important role.

The research involved more than 4,000 female students. In addition, the study included more than 500 parents and 100 teachers. The main point was that girls must be encouraged to learn maths and both teachers and parents must explain the importance of STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) subjects to them.

However, according to the same research and not surprisingly really, the parents and teachers are the ones that have the most influence on girls when they need to choose their favourite subject. Despite this fact, more than 50% of parents are not really sure what the benefits of STEM subjects are and less than 15% of them acknowledge the fact that their daughters have many different career opportunities. I seems also that teachers are feel that female students are mostly under the influence of their friends when it comes to subject choices.

Almost half of girls at the age of 12, and even parents, think that STEM subjects are more suitable for boys. Interest in these subjects should be encouraged from the earliest age and while children are still at home as early education plays a great role too. We should not separate the subjects according to children’s genders, especially not in this digital age when we all have access to the internet and a lot of resources that can help us teach our children.

Another interesting thing is that one of the reasons why girls are not showing interest in STEM subjects is the lack of role models and if we think about it, it is true. The number of successful women in the field of technology and science is very low. That’s why it is highly recommended to promote these cases and to show that STEM careers are brilliant options for women too.

The good news is that the majority of young women and girls are more aware that a job in technology and science sector can bring them better salary. More people in technology-related jobs can bring many positive changes to our society.

So, the conclusion is that girls are not worse than boys when it comes to maths. Society and unfounded myths have shaped these beliefs and now it’s time to change them. Every individual regardless of their gender and ethnicity can be equally successful in maths and science.