Win A Copy of Race To Infinity!

6th Oct 2016

Developing a passion for maths is not as difficult as it sounds and as a parent you will understand the importance of helping a child to get the most out of their maths education. At, we do not believe […]


5th Oct 2016

Sweaty palms. A lump in your throat. Panic setting in. This is the reaction many are faced with when they need to do maths. There are many reasons why someone might feel this anxiety. It could be that they had a […]

Are boys really better in maths compared to girls?

26th Oct 2015

Although we live in the 21st century, there are certain prejudices that still exist. Unfortunately, people are made to believe in these prejudices even when they are talking about themselves. A recent study has shown some shocking results when it […]

Numeracy Skills in British Children And Adults – Facts and Stats

26th Oct 2015

Developing good numeracy skills is crucial for the future of our children. Of course, numeracy is not something that stops with our formal education. Numeracy among adults is equally as important as numeracy among children. According to the latest stats, […]

How are parents coping with the new curriculum in the UK?

26th Oct 2015

As you are probably aware there is a new national curriculum in the UK and parents are divided as to whether the content is suitable for their children or not. The basic objective of this curriculum change is to lower […]

How to find the perfect incentive for your child

26th Oct 2015

Maths has proven to be one of the most useful classes at school because this science and skill is the foundation of many other sciences. If you are good at maths you probably won’t have any trouble pursuing the career […]

Why On Earth Would Anyone Want To Do Further Maths Anyway?

26th Oct 2015

Why would someone study higher maths or further maths? You know, I strongly believe that, if you are good at mathematics, you will be able to do everything else. The fact is that employers will always need the help of […]

What great comments from teachers, headteachers and parents do to children?

26th Oct 2015

We are living in an age where children need extra motivation when it comes to studying and this is especially true for mathematics. Teachers and headteachers are here to support the work and development of students’ interests, but they also […]

Why Do Many People Hate Mathematics?

7th Oct 2015

I am always taken aback by how much people hate Maths. I have been told by more and more people more recently than ever before. Now, whether that’s a coincidence with the time it was, I don’t know. I was […]

What you Need to Know if You Want to Get a Private Tutor

7th Oct 2015

It’s a well-known fact that many children struggle with Maths, especially from when they are young and especially in a big group. Unfortunately, that is where most children find themselves from a very early age. Children, when taken out of […]