Notes For Educators And Parents

Notes for Educators and Parents

Race to Infinity is a board game, designed by a maths enthusiast, from the Brand, BeGenio, that can adapt to many levels of maths understanding.

Specifically aimed at children in Key Stages 1 and 2, the game has been designed with deep play value in mind; children will want to play the game again and again and will not be overly conscious that the focus is on improving maths skills. The games’ appeal, however, does not end with children; parents and teachers will enjoy the challenges that are on offer and the game has been produced with an evolution in game play in mind which ensures that whether you are a parent, a 12 year old, or a 7 year old, there is a benefit to be gained.

Special Features include:

  • 60 spaces on the board allow angles and time-telling to enter the equation.
  • Players are empowered to have control over their landing space by utilising their maths operations.
  • Maths conversation can be prompted by game play – why will 3*2 and 3+3 potentially land you on the same spot?

In a world where time is short and parents are under pressure to offer their children so much, Race to Infinity is a low cost investment that can assist in many areas.

  • It will highlight shortcomings in Times Tables and mental maths but then assist in resolving these.
  • It will encourage positive family time; sharing a game that actively enhaunce your child’s education.
  • It will not be a battle to engage with because the maths focus is subtly hidden within an intelligent design produced with this difficult issue in mind.