RACE TO INFINITY (part of the BeGenio Series)



RACE TO INFINITY is a fun and engaging educational game that helps children fall in love with mathematics. RACE TO INFINITY, through its unique strategy provides the fun practice of Maths skills in an easier way while playing, without players realising they are learning. It’s mainly targeted at children in primary and early secondary, and their parents.

Product features & Benefits:

– fun, fun, fun; makes maths fun
– turns maths into a game
– excellent play value
– included important maths shortcuts to make maths easier and faster
– players can choose to make it easier or harder
– wide appeal
– children with educational needs can play it.
– expansion deck packs for learning of other educational subjects
– Endorsed by top Educational experts.
– Exceptional reviews by head teachers, head of maths and director of large national tuition centre (Explore Learning)
– has children jumping excited within minutes of playing
– parents and adults can play with children without getting bored.
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