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“The game is a really nice game for children, that could help improve their maths. You have to think before you make a move, that is why I like the game. I don’t usually play board games but this game blew my mind and I hope you create even more games”

EXPLORE Learning Centre (100 centres in UK & USA)

My name is Matthew Ashenden and I manage a children’s tuition Centre in Barking, Essex. We have around 350 children who use the Centre which provides an after school maths and English tutoring service. Grace came to me with a game she had created, which after a brief description I was keen to trial in our children’s play area. I was excited at the prospect that children would be having fun whilst they learnt which is the premise of the Centre I manage, so it seemed like a good fit. The game itself was played by a total of between 25-30 children. Children take turns and roll dice to move their piece and then have to solve a mathematical problem when they land on a space in order to continue.

I saw first hand children enjoying the experience, and it certainly grew a crowd of other children who queued up, eager to get involved as well. We initially trialled the green version of the game, the use of which was managed by myself and one of one of my fellow colleagues. I gave Grace a few pieces of feedback at the time which was that it was fairly heavily reliant on the adult orchestrating the game, and that some of the instructions would be a little tricky to follow for some of the younger children that it’s aimed at without assistance. I also felt that the size of the board and the lack of it being able to fold made it difficult to play on a smaller table, especially with energetic children around!

My final piece of constructive criticism was that the background colour was a little plain in comparison to some of the neat graphics which could be found on or by the individual squares onto which the players moved their pieces. These small shortfalls aside however, I observed that the game was popular and that it met it’s objective to combine fun and learning.

Grace later brought me a second version of the game which I was pleased to see had addressed all the points above. The spaces were much bigger and less plentiful (meaning the game was finished in a more reasonable time). I was pleased to see the graphics had remained but again were bigger and set onto a far more eye catching blue background which complemented the images beautifully. It was smaller and so fit on the table much better and also folded twice on itself into a much more storable size which I was easily able to stack away until it’s next use. I felt this new version of the game was much more user friendly for the kids and didn’t require as much adult intervention.

I fully endorse this product and feel sure that I would buy it were I to see it on the shelf in a supermarket. I was pleased to see the novelty factor didn’t wear off quickly as I had the same children requesting it across their different trips to the Centre. We had children of all different ages play the game, although it’s targeted mostly at primary level, I feel the game is a great success and really helps to improve children’s mental Maths. I feel parents would want to buy this for their children and that their children would benefit greatly through it’s use.

M.A. Barking, UK; Texas, USA

Centre Director, Explore Learning, International After-School Tution Centre


Review by Year 5 in a School, Upminster, London UK.

From Head Teacher great feedback – Mrs Holland

Game Overseer/Leader: Deputy Head Teacher – Mr Walsh

“PLAYABILITY: The game flowed well and all the children playing were enthusiastically involved.

EDUCATIONAL VALUE: The children were enthusiastic and the game did encourage mental maths skills.

CONCLUSION: As a maths game used within a school there is definite value.”


Review  by Year 3 in a London school, UK

Number of game playtests: 4

Players ages: 7-9 years

Leader: Head of Maths – Mr Johnstone.

The children were asked to rate the game a on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being most enjoyable. Rating:4

Evaluator was asked to rate the game with 5 being most educational. Rating:4

The children and the adult leader said it was a fun game, very good for mental calculation skills. This game definitely could be used to improve mental maths skills.”

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