What you Need to Know if You Want to Get a Private Tutor

7th Oct 2015

It’s a well-known fact that many children struggle with Maths, especially from when they are young and especially in a big group. Unfortunately, that is where most children find themselves from a very early age. Children, when taken out of that group environment and helped on a one-to-one basis, can develop quite quickly in the skill that they were struggling in.

Obviously, the personal attention given to them, and the extra help given, helps them build their confidence while helping them to understand in a way that is easy for them to gain better Maths skills – and has a lot to do with their progress.

Good tutors work with your child at a pace that is best suited for them. And you, as a parent, can give them all the personal attention that they need to get the right foundation and move ahead fast, through the easy videos and worksheets that we provide for you. A good tutor knows what they are struggling with and when; they can nail down the exact problems to a tee and know exactly what to work on with the child. You will know if the tutor is a good one or not after a short while as you will see a difference in the child’s school work and performance, particularly in their attitude to Maths. Getting a tutor can be life-changing for your child. It can also be the wrong tutor and therefore the worst decision ever.

Take your time to check out various tutors;a recommendation is always a great thing from someone you know whose child’s Maths was improved or turned around by being taught by that tutor. Even then, you need to constantly monitor and keep an eye on the work they’re doing together and your child’s progress to ensure quality control. I have heard about tutors who were good for years and suddenly changed. So make sure you guard against that.
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