Win A Copy of Race To Infinity!

6th Oct 2016

Developing a passion for maths is not as difficult as it sounds and as a parent you will understand the importance of helping a child to get the most out of their maths education. At, we do not believe […]

What you Need to Know if You Want to Get a Private Tutor

7th Oct 2015

It’s a well-known fact that many children struggle with Maths, especially from when they are young and especially in a big group. Unfortunately, that is where most children find themselves from a very early age. Children, when taken out of […]

4 Ways to Know If Your Child Is Struggling With Maths

25th Sep 2015

  When children start to fall in behind in Maths, it’s quite easy to tell, especially once you know what to watch out for. Problems tend to start at around the third year of school when many children notice that […]

The Mindset That Spoils Everything

19th Sep 2015

I’m talking about the “Maths people” mindset. The wrong way of thinking is concluding or believing that some other people or some other children are “Maths people”. Where did that term come from? There’s no such thing as a Maths […]

Help! Maths is being Taught Differently Now And I Just Don’t Get It!

11th Sep 2015

How can I help my child when I don’t even understand it? This is the question in many parents’ head.  We all have different opinions about how Maths was taught to us then as compared to how Maths is taught […]